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Welcome to Road Trip Randy, Now Here’s My Story

When I was young,  I didn’t venture out much further than my neighborhood.  I was content.  When choosing a college, I didn’t even think about going anywhere out of state.  I was content.  And then I graduated college and something weird happened.  I wasn’t content.  I wanted more.  I wanted to see what else was out there.  Sure, I’d been on a few vacations out of state, but I could count those on my hand:

  1. The “You’re only a healthy family if you take your kids to Disney World at least once!” vacation.
  2. The educational Washington DC and Boston double-feature trip.
  3. The aunt’s wedding in Vegas when you’re nine vacation.  There was so much for me to enjoy on the Strip at that age!

For whatever reason, I didn’t really care about vacations very much (It was probably because I was just a miserable kid).  I was happy staying in my hometown, with the people I knew, doing the things that I enjoyed doing.

It wasn’t until after graduation and I became strange that I realized I might not want to spend the rest of my life living in my hometown.  Maybe I’ll move to another state someday.  Or even another country!

That’s when I decided to move to Korea.  Yep.  After spending my entire life living contently in Michigan and rarely stepping foot outside it’s borders, I decided I wanted to move to the other side of the world on a whim. My parents thought I was nuts.  But I was determined to do it.  And so I did.  And for a year, I lived in Seoul, South Korea teaching English.  I visited five other Asian countries and had the time of my life.  That year was when I finally learned just what else was out there.

So now I’m back in the States but no longer living in the Mitten.  I’ve moved all the way to the Golden State to pursue a career in film.  I’ve got an awesome job working in television, and when I have a weekend free or a break between shows, I try to fill it with traveling.  That’s where this blog comes in (about time!).

road trips

Californians think they live in the greatest state in the world.  To them, there’s nothing better than their beloved bear, sunshine, and vineyards.  Well, I’ll be the judge of that.  So far all I’ve seen is copious amounts of smog, awful traffic, and hippies.  Yes, I live in L.A.  I’m hoping the rest of the state makes up this disappointment, because so far, I’m unimpressed.  They say you either love LA or hate it, and that’s so true.  I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t have a strong opinion about it either way.

My plan is to take road trips.  Lots of them.  Short trips to the OC, day trips into the Mojave Desert, and hopefully, eventually some extended trips up north to the national parks.  I’d love to say I’ll be doing this everyday, full time, and making you envious of my lifestyle.  But that’s not true.  As of now, I’m dirt poor.  It wasn’t until recently I bought a real bed.  For a year I was sleeping on an air mattress (3 actually. I’d buy a new one each time one popped), unemployed, and accumulating debt.  I’m finally starting to move up in the world.  I even have matching hand and shower towels.

After reading my childhood story and knowing my new life plan, I know what you must be thinking.  But you’re wrong!  I’m not some free-spirit hippie living a vagabond lifestyle.  I actually thrive on having structure and routine in my life. I enjoy doing work and making money!  Weirdly enough, I also just like traveling and not having a single place to call home (Sigh. I sound like such bag in the wind).

What I want from you:

A group of loyal followers that tells me how great I am.  And people who give me money to go on trips and endless compliments.  Just kidding.  Really, I just want to e-meet some cool people who share my interest in traveling and adventure, have mad love or hate for LA, and aren’t on the gluten-free diet because it’s trendy.

Let’s begin!


24 thoughts on “Welcome to Road Trip Randy, Now Here’s My Story”

  1. Thanks for following my blog. It’s great you finally stepped outside your childhood zip code. And, L.A.? Been there/lived there a long time ago and it was just OK, then we moved up to Northern Cal, and I love it. We had a brief sojourn in OC a few years ago and I really, really loved it there. Take lots of more trips!


  2. Thanks for the visit and deciding to follow me. I’ve never been to California, but everything I’ve heard from people I know who’ve gone there and nephew that lives there doesn’t excite me enough to buy a plane ticket, Best wishes in your film career.


  3. Randy, your story is great. I have a lot of places I want to see mostly in the US but I also want to see Europe and go back to China.

    Thank you for the following my blog – I really appreciate the support. I am now following you too. I see you have been at this for a shorter period of time than me. Good luck with it all. This blogging is quite an interesting thing!!


  4. Hi Randy! Thank you for sifting through blog world and finding mine as a nugget worth keeping.

    Travel while you’re young and unchained, ahem, childless, and see how far you get! Oh, and always, no matter what, have fun!

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  5. LA is great and you will grow to love it I promise! Or at least I hope. I moved from New York out to the LA area (Burbank may ring a bell since you’re in the TV business) when I was in high school. It took some time but I fell in love with it and was so devastated when I had to leave and move to Florida. Southern California is so unique in that within max four hours you can get to Vegas, two hours takes you to San Diego (which I HIGHLY recommend) or Tiujana if you’re brave, an hour or so north and you’re in the mountains skiing. Ah the nostalgia. I can go on forever. Even if you don’t fall in love with LA, you definitely will have fun exploring California and I can’t wait to read all about it! 🙂

    PS I hope you’ve already eaten at In N Out. If not, all your friends in LA secretly hate you for not telling you about how wonderful that place is.

    PSS Eat at C&O Trattoria in Venice it’s delicious Italian food and the best garlic bread of your life. I’m sorry for the longest comment ever but I just got really excited thinking about SoCal and how much I miss it


    1. I can feel your love for this place through the screen. You’re crazy, but thanks for writing so much! I actually really like Burbank and want to move there. It’s way more chill than Hollywood. And I’ve been out in the desert, which was cool. And in the mountains a bit. So far I like everything around LA, but not la la land itself.

      In N Out is pretty special. I’ve been there a few times. And I’ve recently discovered Chick-fil-a too.

      Thanks for the Venice tip. I love bread.

      Hope I can find some good things here and not disappoint you! Thanks for reading.


  6. Thanks for following my blog. Take a road trip to my old hometown of San Diego & explore Balboa Park, Coronado and Little Italy—my favorite spots. I have a few posts on SD. Northern CA is a different state, so be sure to get up there. Look forward to reading more. Marta


  7. Please to meet you. (I have to tell you that your Gravatar image looks like Jon Cryer (playing Alan Harper) being told he will have to move out of the “2 1/2 Men” house!) O_o


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